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Taking the Slow Road

(News Item #0094, Published: 09/25/06, Author: , ) – Read more

Rolling Out the Vacation Rental Red Carpet

(News Item #0104, Published: 09/13/06, Author: Broderick Perkins, – Read more

Vacation homes reel in cash with hot tubs

(News Item #0056, Published: 08/30/06, Author: , – Read more

Virginian opens Vittles Cowboy Café

(News Item #0004, Published: 08/09/06, Author: , Methow Valley News) – Read more

New Wranglers at Virginian Resort

(News Item #0007, Published: 07/01/06, Author: , Winthrop Chamber Newsletter) – Read more

The Vacation Home Store

(News Item #0012, Published: 07/01/06, Author: William Victor May, Costco Connection Magazine) – Read more

Hamura's Little Restaurant Earns Big Honor

(News Item #0002, Published: 05/07/06, Author: Ford Gunter, Garden Isle Newspaper) – Hawaii's Hamura Saimin Stand announced a winner by the James Beard Foundation for excellence in preserving culinary heritage. Read more

Vacation Rental Management Business Surging

(News Item #0108, Published: 07/19/05, Author: Broderick Perkins, – Read more

Top 5 Travel Scams

(News Item #0087, Published: 03/04/05, Author: William Victor May, ) – Read more

Author Campaigns for Relief from "Vacation Deficit Disorder"

(News Item #0114, Published: 04/14/04, Author: , – Read more

America Needs a Vacation

(News Item #0095, Published: 08/24/03, Author: , Seattle Times Newspaper) – Read more

Hanalei Bay makes Dr. Beach's Top 10 Worldwide Best Beaches List

(News Item #0126, Published: 05/22/03, Author: , – Read more

Dr. Beach Ranks Poipu #1beach in America

(News Item #0021, Published: 09/01/01, Author: Gary A. Waner, ) – Read more

An Unremarkable Phone Call

(News Item #0265, Published: 08/15/95, Author: William Victor May, Stehekin Choice) – The most remarkable thing about life may be its most remarkable aspects. People delight us. Nothing is surprising. Life goes on. Children remind us. Read more

10 Reasons Not to Miss the IBBA Boat

(News Item #0267, Published: 07/08/95, Author: William Victor May, – Everyone figures they know how to do their craft, but joining with your peers offers new insight, new ideas and great feedback. Here are ten reasons why joining IBBA will benefit your business.

Beware of Bumlvers. Trolls and License Jerkers

(News Item #0266, Published: 06/29/95, Author: William Victor May, Stehekin Choice) – Dealing with bureaucrats can be a strange and eeeeeery journal. If you find yourself in the middle be prepared for the unusual and creepy. Here are ten tips to help. Read more

Video Tape Yourself to Create Quick, Easy & Effective Training

(News Item #0269, Published: 06/02/95, Author: William Victor May, – Have you ever seen yourself on video? Its not always enjoyable, but taping training sessions (without the need for professional editing) will provide good training for staff members. Here is how to d Read more

New Apprenticing Program Develops Winning Associates

(News Item #0268, Published: 04/02/95, Author: William Victor May, – Recruiting new staff members is wrought with frustration and delay. Training them from scratch may be the best way to developing new associates who know the ropes. This article tells you how. Read more

May Is A Corporate Matchmaker -- Arranging To Buy Businesses Is a Business

(News Item #0255, Published: 03/03/92, Author: , Seattle Times Newspaper) – Many of those who come to him are dreamers - in love with the idea of owning a business, but not ready to make the commitment. Read more

M&A: One-of-a-Kind Selling Challenge

(News Item #0264, Published: 06/01/87, Author: William Victor May, Marketing Magazine) – How do you sell a product that is intangible and changes daily, literally one-of-a-kind and very expensive, a nationa market but with little if any budget. Read more

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