About Us

Affiliate members are staffed by a group of business experts, providing invaluable services to companies, especially those that are closely-held, smaller or who only require periodic or scheduled assistance with accounting, administration, marketing, advertising and other business decision services.

Principals at Finitto affiliates have been offering such services for decades with a track record of success and client satisfaction. While the term "Consultant" may be applicable the work most often involves hands-on help rather than stand-offish recommendations. Affiilates analyze, study and design solutions to problems and opportunities. But most often we are also charged with executing the day to day work needed to perform the recommendations."

If you business wants to grow and prospect, if you have limited budgets but unlimited aspirations, call a Finitto affiliate today. You will find a friendly helpful partner who can work within your budget and up to your expectations.

Call Ron Lee at 206-343-7777 extension 902.

To learn more about the affiliates businesses visit the list here.

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